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Randhir Singh

Hello Viewer,

My self Randhir Singh. I have created this website to give information about the latest innovations, latest discoveries that takes place around the world like latest Mobiles, cars, Bikes, computers, gadgets etc. All these things makes your like more easy and comfortable.

I also have a wonderful and responsive team that works with me. And i think that if you have strong desire for any thing and you are doing work according to it, than i am sure that you will get it.

यूं ही नहीं मिल जाती राही को मंजिल|

एक जुनून सा दिल में जगाना पड़ता है|

पूछा चिड़िया से कैसे बना तेरा आशियाना|

बोली भरनी पड़ती है उड़ान बार बार तिनका तिनका उठाना पड़ता है|



Now also have a look on my Team.



Thanks for visiting our website.


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